Betina KOCH
Alumna del curso TENG
Grado de Náutica y Transporte Marítimo
Piloto de la Marina Mercante
Controladora de Salvamento Marítimo

As soon as I have received the email advertising of the course Maritime Technical English (TENG), I knew that I would be very interested in it, so I sign up without any second thoughts, it immediately caught my attention.

The list of modules, shows that the course covers very many interesting topics, deck, engine and communication related, being quite complete. It is definitely an advanced course, targeted especially for ship officers, but also for translators, shore based marine related employees or anyone interested in improving technical maritime English.

The 44 Units, grouped in 11 Modules, are well structured, clear, containing a wide range of information, and it seems that nothing is left out. Each module contains four study units, very interesting videos and an additional topic very well explained, with loads of pictures.

In this way, the course not only provides English knowledge, but also provides useful maritime knowledge, in the same time.

Personally, advancing through the course, I was mentally taken back to the time I was studying for the Navigational Officer License and, also taken back to every ship I worked on. So, it brought back so many memories.

There are very detailed explanations on types, parts, and functioning of every piece of equipment, and all the systems encountered on board.

Overall, I feel I refreshed and improved my knowledge in maritime English a lot, so that the course fulfilled and exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend it to others.

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